Your safety at our cinema.

Keep your fingers crossed! In line with current Government advice, Leiston Film Theatre is planning to reopen on Monday 17th May, but with strict guidelines remaining in place, to protect both the venue staff and members of the public and these are noted below for your information.

Do I need to wear a face covering when I visit the cinema?

In line with government guidelines, unless exempt, customers are requested to wear face coverings at all times whilst visiting the Film Theatre. This includes when seated in the auditorium. Customers are permitted to remove their face coverings if they are consuming food or drink, but are expected to replace their face covering once they have finished.

We are now using our two entrances to not only safeguard social distancing for staff and customers, but also to improve entry to the venue. If you have already pre-booked your tickets, please use the right-hand entrance and if you are purchasing tickets ‘on the door’, or require ramped access, please use the left-hand entrance. Signs will be displayed to assist in using the correct entrance. You will be able to purchase refreshments from whichever side you use.


The venue will generally open 15 minutes prior to the advertised screening time. Please observe the two-metre social distancing advice whilst queuing, which will be identified by several markings on the pavement outside the venue and floor stickers inside.


Be warned, screen advertising may initially be much shorter in length than usual, so the main film or event may start earlier too. Depending on where you are seated, we may not be able to admit you once the auditorium lights have gone out.


Sanitising stations are available in the foyer and screens are being introduced in front of the box office stations to protect both staff and patrons. Customers are politely requested to stand in front of the screens when being served.


It will be very helpful if customers can kindly purchase their drinks, snacks or ice creams at the time of purchasing/collecting tickets and if you are part of a group and are paying separately, please remember to maintain a safe distance. Should you opt for one person to pay for the entire group, other group members must wait behind the barrier.


Wherever possible, customers are requested to pay by card, preferably using contactless payment wherever possible. Cash will be accepted, where payment by card is not possible, with staff washing their hands before serving the next customer.


Film Theatre staff will make every effort to be as hygienically conscious as possible and will follow the current Government guidelines regarding the provision of PPE.


We will no longer tear your ticket stubs but may still ask you to show them as you enter. Instead, a box will be located in the lobby as you enter the auditorium. Please remove the stub from your tickets and place these in the box. The ticket stubs ensure that we have an accurate account of how many people are within the auditorium.


One of the constant compliments we receive is the general cleanliness of our venue and much of this is down to our ‘Queen of clean’, Beth (who also works as part of our front-of- house team), who cleans the Film Theatre with a thorough regime. We want you to be confident that every step will be taken to maintain and where necessary enhance these important actions, to ensure that our foyer, auditorium, corridors and toilets are all as safe as we can possibly manage for you to use. Front-of-house handles, handrails and surfaces will all be cleaned during the film/event also.


To encourage social distancing, it is necessary to greatly reduce the seating capacity in our auditorium. The new seating plan limits the amount of seating available.


You will notice that seats are available in groups of two or four, but we appreciate that we have customers who visit us on their own, or possibly in a larger group. Should you wish to book a single seat, or more than two or four seats together (maximum of six people and subject to availability), please contact our team during box office opening hours (noted below) and we will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements, so that your group can be seated together and we can amend our seating plan accordingly, to maintain two-metre distancing from other guests.

We appreciate that to children, a visit to the cinema can be an exciting experience and we want them to enjoy their trip to the movies. However, we politely insist that children remain in their allocated seating at all times and are not allowed to wander around the auditorium, other than when they require the toilet, which should be supervised accordingly.


Unfortunately, due to these seating restrictions, forthcoming live shows will not be financially viable and therefore, may be either cancelled or postponed and this will be reviewed monthly, in line with the current Government advice for theatres. If a live performance is postponed to a later date, tickets will be automatically transferred to the new date and customers are asked to support the alternative date if possible. Otherwise, refunds, or an exchange for Film Theatre gift vouchers will be available.


Based on this drastic reduction in seating capacity, we would wholeheartedly recommend that customers book in advance where possible. This can be done either online, via the Film Theatre website, by telephone or in person, during box office opening hours which are: Monday-Friday mornings between 10.00am - 1.00pm and evenings (when films are programmed) between 7.00pm - 9.00pm. A booking fee applies to all online and telephone bookings.


It may be necessary to queue in the corridor when visiting the toilets. If all cubicles are occupied, please wait in the corridor in a single file, using two-metre distancing, as advised by the markings on the floor, and wait until a cubicle becomes free. All handles and taps will be thoroughly cleaned before opening and during the film/event. We recommend that, to ensure safe social distancing, children under the age of 12 should be supervised by an adult, when visiting the toilets at all times.


We would kindly request that, to protect our staff, customers place all their empty wrappers and containers in the litter bins provided at the end of the film, so that staff do not have to collect empty cups and wrappers from the floor.


For your safety and to enable social distancing, please remain seated until the house lights are raised during the film credits. Please take your time in exiting the venue – we promise not to lock you in once the curtains have closed!


Whereas staff are usually in the lobby at the end of a film, our team will now be positioned in the lower foyers and, of course, will be on hand to answer any queries you have as you leave.


We recognise that most of the above is basic common sense and we’re sure that, by now, our fine customers have their hygiene procedures in place to assist us in maintaining the Film Theatre as a safe and enjoyable place to be.


These notes are merely guidelines and may be subject to alteration as our reopening progresses, so please take the advice of venue staff at all times and please do bring any suggestion or concern you may have to our attention.


We look forward to welcoming you all back to our iconic Film Theatre soon.