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What is the Leiston Film Theatre Support Club?

The Leiston Film Theatre Support Club is an independent group, founded in November 1992 to raise funds to improve the facilities and interior décor of the Leiston Film Theatre, Suffolk's oldest purpose built working cinema, which first opened its doors on the 27th October 1914. (Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town Council owns the venue and is responsible for the main fabric and exterior of the Film Theatre)

Through numerous fund-raising activities and social events, the Club provides financial assistance towards the many improvements made at the venue.

In the last 10 years alone the Club has funded £100,000 of improvements to the Film Theatre.

Set the Stage

In 2006, the Support Club embarked on its first ambitious project ‘Set the Stage’ with a fund-raising target figure of £33,000, to totally revitalise the stage area for live shows and cinema presentations.

This project included the provision of a new sound system, upgraded new lighting, new stage curtains and a new scenery storage area with additional dressing room facilities.

With generous support from individuals, companies, grants and our own substantial fund-raising efforts this project was successfully completed in July 2009.

The Club also raised funds in 2008/09 for improvements to the enlargement of the Film Theatre foyer, which was officially opened in April, with a plaque in memory of Peter Free, who was a much regarded former Film Theatre manager.

Digital 3D Project

In January 2010 the ‘Digital 3D Project’ was launched to provide the venue with the very latest in 3D digital projection at a cost of £75,000, enabling the Film Theatre to screen the latest films in a pristine digital format and in 3D when available.

The Town Council initially set aside £25,000, with the Club donating a further £10,000.

To enable the installation to proceed the Council secured a low interest loan of £40,000 payable over five years, with an understanding the Club would continue to raise funds with a view to helping meet the repayments over five years.

Digital 3D cinema came to Leiston Film Theatre in September 2010 and with excellent support the Club paid off the entire loan 6 months early.

Behind the Scenes

Before embarking on our current project the Club financed new drapes throughout the auditorium.

Our latest project ‘Behind the Scenes’ has so far provided new sound and visual equipment which includes a sound relay to the toilets during a film screening and sound and visual relays to the dressing rooms during live shows which allows performers to monitor activities on stage.

The next phase, which is due to be undertaken shortly, is to provide LED up-lighting and microphones to enhance live show performances.

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Membership of the Club is open to any person, on completion of a membership application form and payment of the annual subscription fee, which is currently £6.00.

Membership runs from 1st March to the last day of February.

Club members are entitled to reduced admission to most Club events, regular bulletins on Club activities, including reports on fund-raising and donations to Film Theatre projects, advance bookings for some Film Theatre live shows and invitations to attend exclusive social events for members and their guests.

As a valued Club member you will be helping to secure the vital future of the Leiston Film Theatre for the benefit of the local and surrounding community.

Support Club membership application forms are available at the Film Theatre box office or by post via e-mail at mcnhil45@gmail.com or by contacting the Club Membership Secretary, Michael Hill, 45 Garrett Crescent, Leiston, Suffolk. IP16 4LF. Tel: 01728 830514.

If you would like any further information please contact the Club Membership Secretary at the above address.

On the 25th May 2018, the Date Protection Act, 1998 was replaced with the general Date protection Regulation, which regulates the use of an individual's data. The following now applies to information held by the Club.

When completing an application form to join or renew membership, we are assuming that you are agreeing to receive Club correspondence by the postal address or email address provided. If ticking the box requesting inclusion in the Film Theatre programme information service, you are permitting the Club to pass your name and email address only to the Film Theatre.

If a member does not renew their membership at the end of a membership year (last day of February) after a reminder has been sent, we will retain their data until the 31st May. If no renewal is made it will be deleted from our systems. If a member wishes to renew after this date, they will be considered to be a new member and must complete an application form.

All personal data received from members is for Club use only and will only be available to the Officers of the Committee (Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman). it will not be made available to any other individual (including Club members) or any other organisation.