Re-cycling award for Leiston Film Theatre

Sep 2010

Staff at leiston Film Theatre have been praised by Suffolk Coastal District Council, for their efforts in re-cycling an astonishing 90% of the venue's waste.

Management at Leiston Film Theatre were thrilled to receive an award from Suffolk Coastal's Environmental services, in recognition of their enthusiastic commitment to re-cycle as much of their day-to-day waste and sales packaging as possible.

Film Theatre manager Wayne Burns is very pleased with this recognition. "We are very, very proud of our environmental achievements and extend much praise to the venues cleaner, Pauline Clarke, who has the unenviable task of ensuring that all waste is sorted accordingly" he said.

The 96 year old venue intends to take its environmental endeavours further over the coming months and this includes their installation of digital 3D cinema, using the Dolby 3D system, which not only offers cinema-goers with a superior 3D presentation, but is also widely recognised as one of the most environmentally friendly 3D systems available.

Film Theatre assistant manager Hannah Barber is very keen to make film fans aware of the venue's eco-friendly 3D equipment. "Unlike many of the multiplexes, we are not intending to charge customers for their 3D glasses, opting for an environmentally friendly alternative, whereby customers return their exclusive 20-per-pair Dolby 3D glasses as they leave the venue, ready for professional cleansing and re-use" she said.

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