Canine Mobile Phone Detector!

Apr 2014

Stage dog puts her best paw forward and becomes a mobile phone detector!

Leiston Film Theatre are very excited to be welcoming 'Pip’ into the Leiston Film Theatre family as their fully trained ‘sniffer dog’.

After the huge success of ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Pantomime’, Pip who played Toto has now put her nose to the floor to help prevent the use of mobile phones and other electrical gadgets during films. Having recently taken off her acting hat, Pip decided that crime prevention was the way forward and enrolled in an intensive mobile phone training course especially for theatres and cinemas.

Pip now has her best nose forward to detect people using their mobile phones or other electrical gadgets such as IPads or even the new Goggle Glasses, which will ensure the patrons of Leiston Film Theatre an enjoyable cinema experience every show!

Manger of Leiston Film Theatre and owner of Pip says ‘We are thrilled that Pip has now joined the film theatre family, she loves coming to the theatre and now she has a very important role to play. We all know how annoying it is when you are sat in a cinema and the people around you are on their phones, so we decided to take action about this. After just three weeks of intense training Pip is ready to go out in the auditorium to hunt down and shame those who feel the need to use their phones during the screenings of films. Pip is very dedicated to her job and will not except any bribes, not even her favourite biscuits!’

Pip’s first paw on the beat will be Tuesday 1st April, she is very eager to get started and disgrace those who are using their phones! Pip’s talents don’t just lay there some of Pip’s other duties around the film theatre include the cleaning of the auditorium, especially spilt popcorn!

Leiston Film Theatre are proudly celebrating its Centenary year this year and the introduction of Pip the ‘Cinema Canine Mobile Phone Detector’ is just one new improvement happing this year, also coming soon the unveiling of the new Premier Seating and the arrival of authentic cuddle seats, so don’t miss out on all the events and promotions happening at Leiston Film Theatre visit: for more details.

Sniffer_Dog APRIL FOOLS!!!

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